Image Mosaic Service
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This service has been updated to use SDSS DR9 image data. The flux
calibration is very different from the older data; see the SDSS web
pages for details.

Returns science-grade mosaics that preserve fluxes and
astrometry and rectify backgrounds to a common level.

2MASS Galactic Plane Three-Color Mosaic

Coordinate / Object:
Survey / Band:
Region Size (deg):      1.0 Max
Pixel Resolution:
Coordinate System:
Label (optional):
Users are currently limited to 10 simultaneous
jobs. Results will be kept for about three days
and then purged.

Coordinate Examples:    289.3848 11.9674 eq   |    46.5377 -0.2518 ga   |
19h17m32s 11d58m02s Equ J2000   |   M 31 

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NOTE: Defaulting to Equatorial J2000 coordinates will allow the software to utilize custom projection routines which are substantially faster than the general case.

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All publications and images that use this service should include this acknowledgment:

"This research made use of Montage, funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Earth Science Technology Office, Computational Technnologies Project, under Cooperative Agreement Number NCC5-626 between NASA and the California Institute of Technology. The code is maintained by the NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive."

This service also uses software developed by IPAC for the US National Virtual Observatory, which is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.