Montage Mosaic Service Documentation:

After you submit a request for a mosaic, you are taken to a page which displays your Request ID, and links to see the status of the current job or a list of all your submitted jobs.

To monitor the progress of the job you've just submitted, click on "Status". You will be taken to a status page (automatically updated every 15 seconds), which shows the most recent message from the compute cluster. When the job is complete, a "Result page" link will appear under the "Result page" column.

Basic Status Requests

You can see a listing of all your jobs, or search for particular requests, by clicking on "Job Status" link available from the submission and status pages.

By leaving all the parameters blank and hitting "Show job list," you can see all your jobs.

Advanced Job Status Filters

Besides monitoring your just-submitted jobs, the Montage Mosaic service allows the users to view current, recent, or old jobs by any of the following parameters:

If you want to see a statistical summary of your jobs, instead of a detailed listing, check the box labeled "Statistical summary."

Click "Show Job List" to be taken to the results of the job filtering.

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